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The Importance of Thermocouple in Water Heater

Posted by [email protected] on September 7, 2020 at 5:55 AM

For those who are not familiar with the parts of the water heater, the thermocouple is one of them. When the thermocouple is damaged, it might affect the whole machine. Whatever the problem is related to the thermocouple, you must locate it first. Inside the burner compartment in front of the pilot light, you will spot a small cylindrical metal; that's the thermocouple. For gas-powered machines, the thermocouple serves as a safety device to detect if the pilot light is on the flame. When the pilot exits, this component sends a signal to the gas valve to ensure that it remains closed while the pilot light is not lighting.

Detecting the Issue

If the device is not functioning well, pilot light can't detect whether it's burning or not. It means you will not have a hot water supply in your plumbing system. Try to relight the pilot if it goes out or not. If it does, then the component has worn out. Removing the burner assembly is vital to replace the thermocouple. Professionals can fix it quickly by removing the burner assembly. If you need assistance on your water heater, call a water heater repair Leawood, KS service provider.

Disengage Thermocouple

Disconnecting the thermocouple will require turning off the gas supply to the unit. The process includes turning off the temperature valve. You can unscrew the gas burner line and fuel line connections using open-end wrenches. It will let you pull the gas pipes as well as the thermocouple from the gas valve. The burner may slip out of the unit after disengaging the tab that holds it in place.

Thermocouple Replacement

In doing the replacement, make sure to slide-out the thermocouple and push in the alternative. Make sure to put it in the same way as the old one by taking note of its position and mounting. Follow the steps given in the manual to avoid problems. Reinstall the burner by pushing its end. Be sure the pilot tubes and thermocouple go into the gas valve. In tightening, the nuts only use the pressure of your hand by using the wrench to avoid the thread's stripping.

Leak Testing

The surest way to know if the replacement is successful is to observe if there's a leak. Observe the gas supply as you open it and light the pilot. Slowly turn up the temperature until the burner is light up.

To check the connections around the pilot light and burner, use the dishwashing liquid solution. Turn on the heater when you do this test. If bubbles are visible, shut off the gas quickly and tighten the fittings further. If the leak is not going away, call a professional to do the job.

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