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How to Unblock an Outside Drain

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People look for drain cleaner and other tools to clear any blockages on their pipes. Drain problems would always depend on how minimal or severe the damage is, that may occur in the water system. As the going gets tough, most households end up calling a professional because they can do better than what DIY can usually do. Expert is the ones who can solve the severe damages of the pipes more accurately in many ways. If the issue is just minimal, homeowners can use caustic soda to clear the blockages.

What is Caustic Soda?

Caustic soda is one of the best available chemicals used for clearing blockages. All you need to do is to follow the necessary steps or precautionary measures to avoid additional personal issues. As you follow the process of mixing the solution, here's what you need to do. After mixing, pour the solution out of the blocked drain or any other place in the house where there is a blockage. Let it sit for an hour and gradually run a cycle of a bucket of water. If using another solution, is what you are most comfortable, be sure to follow the correct procedures to get the right results. Also, you can contact a plumbing professional if you feel you are unable to block your drain alone.

How to Unblock an Outside Drain with Caustic Soda?

Caustic soda is a useful external blocker that you can buy at low prices from local stores. It is also an excellent chemical used to eliminate external drainage systems. But how does this chemical drain remove? Knowing the caustic soda as a solution is a very corrosive chemical. It vigorously reacts to hair, food, dirt, and any other material it comes in contact with. After the intense reaction, it dissolves the debris leaving only the particles. Having a chemical-like destructive effect on internal drains, it is obvious what it will do to the remnants of an outside drain in minutes. Before using any harsh chemical, you should make sure that there’s no bad effects for your drain and especially in your health.

If using caustic soda does not make your drain better, the only way to get the most accurate solution is by letting an expert fix the problem. A professional plumber always knows what is the main cause of the problem and they can fix it right away using proper tools and methods because they have enough experience and knowledge compared to us. A highly recommended and trusted drain cleaner is best for your repair needs. Drain cleaning Monument, CO , a well-known drain cleaner, can give you the best drain cleaning services.

Steps in Mixing the Solution

• Wear protective gear like a mask or glove before doing the mixtures.

• Make sure to blend cups of caustic soda in a large bucket of cold water.

• Stir in the water and soda mixed with a stirrer or wooden spoon. Please do not use a metal spoon as caustic soda will react to it.

• As a precaution, do not use these stirrers or containers for cooking, other related purposes. Be careful, and do not use your hand to stir the soda-water mixture.

• As you stir and mix the two parts, one should pay attention to fizz and heat.

• Next, pour the solution blocked into the outside of the ditch.

• After a few minutes, the lips should rise to the top.

• Remove debris from the tube and pour water to rinse the drain.