Plumbing Problems

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Choosing the Best Option for the Clogged Drain

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House may differ in the foundation, structure of the pipes and the placement of the landscapes. Once the homeowner calls for a plumbing problem especially for the severe issues of the drain, the expert needs to investigate further on how they are supposed to provide the best solution requirements for the water system affected by the drain clog. In this case, the homeowner would need to know the best solution to fix the problem immediately.

Options of Repair

The need for repair would depend on how severe the damage is in the pipes; drain cleaning Sarasota, FL knows best after they verify the problem. Here are the following options plumbers would recommend to the property owners:


Maintaining and keeping the drain clean is very important, but over time, you may notice that the flow rate from the sink slows down. This issue may be due to the formation of waste products in the trap. Several factors affect this type of problems, but most likely a scale buildup will hinder the flow of wastewater. Scale usually forms in areas of hard water, causing severe damage to the drainage system. The process of descaling is the solution for mineral buildup; removing all the debris to maintain the flow of water and making the pipes smoother and renew.


The problem of putting anything on the pipelines is still occurring in most residence. Most of these particles are non-disposable items include Sanitary ware, wet wipes, nappies, cotton buds, fats or grease. All of the things above should be disposed of in general waste and not in the sinks. When blockages occur, they can be removed by a hydro- jetting process. A jet of water under high pressure is inserted into the drain, and the force of the water is usually sufficient to absorb the clog and return the pipe to its former capacity. If any physical debris obstructs the drain, it can then be removed through the nearest maintenance manhole cover.


Snake drain is a coil spiral snake usually about 1/4-inch thick with a handle at one end which works the opposite way of a plunger. You push the snake into the clog and crank it to repel the snake away from the obstacle. As the clog parts break down and flush in the drain, the snake helps you gain access to the clog so you can pull it off. Some snakes can fit as an attachment to an electric drill; it will provide more strength to force it through the clog. Snakes are incredibly easy to use since they are long enough to reach clogs deep within a pipe.

Clearing a Clogged Drain

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Clogged drains are a severe nuisance for most households. It prevents daily activities, leaving unwanted residues, and causing all other problems. The better way to do is to rely on the professional plumber to minimize the clogged drains and most importantly, restrain the issue from keeping coming back. In dealing most of the drain problem, it can be not easy sometimes, especially if you are always busy until you forget it unintentionally. Then it will bound to become negligence on your part, causing everything to get worst in the end. Do not let this happen, as early as possible; call the expert to address the problem.

Signs of Clogged Drains

• Water begins to back up from a sink drain.

• Pools of water will form around the shower drains.

• Water drainage prolonged after pools are forming.

• Water bubbles in the bathroom when you run the sink.

• Drains make a raging sound after running the washing machine or dishwasher.

• Pools of water can form on the floor close to the bathtub or a sink.

• There is a smell of rotting food coming from the kitchen sink area.

• Sewage odors spreading from one or more drains are a sign of a clogged drain.

Steps on Clearing a Clogged Drain


• Turn on the faucet until the sink slightly fills with water.

• If you have a clogged double kitchen sink, plug in one of the gutters with a damp rag.

• If it’s a clogged bathroom sink, be sure to cover the overflow hole.

• Be sure to cover the overflow hole if the bathroom sink is clogged.

• Afterwards, start plugging the open drain with a cup plunger.

• Push the plunger vigorously up and down, then pull it out, and repeat the process several times.


If all of these signs are visible in your drains, it just conveys one message “a repair or replacement is necessary”. In some cases, you alone can fix the problem if you will try but how long will it last? In any plumbing issue, it is important to ask help from professionals which are experts in this field. In many cases, doing the DIY method just made drain problems worst and more complicated. To save time and money, letting an expert fix your drain issues is the best. In choosing an expert, you should choose a trusted and licensed one like drain cleaning San Bloomfield Hills, MI.

Ignoring minimal issues on pipes can lead to years of repair, from rust and hair to grease and water minerals. It can cause corrosion, leaving your lines damaged. Maintaining your water system can save you money and prevent expensive repairs or pipe replacement.

Plumbing Emergency

If a drain gives you a problem and threatens to overflow, turn off the shutoff valve attach to that fitting before you can get help. If you are in an emergency such as a significant water leak, finding and turning off the main shutoff valve in your home is what you need to do. If you are unfamiliar with this area of your home or are not confident in making some plumbing decisions, be sure to call your trusted plumbing service.