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Clues of Water Heater Replacement

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Depending on the equipment and care, the water heater will last, primarily if it's well maintained. Water heaters come in three types: electric, oil, and gas water heaters. You can use electric water heaters almost anywhere. However, gas and oil water heaters are ideal only in houses that already receive a gas or oil supply. If your water heater is in trouble, see to it that you will find any of these clues to help you sort it out.

Signs of Possible Replacement

Old Enough

The age of your water heater can be the main reason behind the errors that occur in your system. Therefore, it is vital to know the age of the machine. If you need to verify the age, look at the serial number printed on the manufacturer's sticker. It must be on the top surface of your water heater. You can often find this number online and find a date of manufacture. When you found out that it lasted ten years of service and has started leaking from the base of the tank, or is not working correctly, it may be time to replace it.

Emitting Rusty Water

When rust water comes out of your water heater, especially from hot pipe fittings in your home, it is time to replace it. Thus, if you have galvanized piping, rust can occur in the pipes. One way to avoid replacing a water heater that works correctly is to remove at least five water gallons from there. Then, try to notice any differences.

Creates Rattling Sound

Sediments begin to deposit under the water tank as your heater starts to age. These sediments heat up over and over again and then harden. When this happens, you will often hear a resounding noise giving you a sign that your water heater has reached the end of its life.


If you can see all of these signs, you can replace your water heater or you can let a professional check it to determine whether your water heater can be fixed or needed a new one. For water heater repair, a trusted water heater professional is highly recommended like water heater repair Overland, MO.

Moisture Around the Area

If you notice moisture forming around your water tank, or any fracture or a small leak in the tank, it has reached its limit ideal for replacement.

Fixing a Water Heater

The opportunities mentioned above are the most common signs that indicate the need to replace your water heater. Check with you for these signs now, so you can budget the replacement cost and be willing to replace it rather than give it a grant right away.

Remember that installation affects the service life of your water heater. It can create many issues when not handled properly. Plumbing connection problems, leaks, and electrical issues can arise immediately after a faulty installation. Installation of a water heater can be useful and lasting if a certified plumber works on it.