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Dealing with Tree Roots Invasion

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Trees are mostly found in our properties for shade. They are very helpful to the environment since they will produce oxygen, which is advantageous to health. But as time goes by, they grow older and become a caution to pavements, underground cement, and foundation around buildings and private properties. Which in turn, the roots invade pipes and most of the water system.


How to Prevent Tree Root Invasion


One of the questions you might think right now is how to get rid of these tree roots going under the concrete of the house. There are different ways to deal with tree root invasion. But when it comes to digging out a property to clear tree roots from your pipes and drains, it considers a professional work. For more inquiries, please visit drain cleaning Hoover, AL.


• If the root is damaging concrete, removing it is the option. The expert will remove and replace the damaged section afterward. If damage in the concrete did not occur yet, cutting it off and letting it die on its own is what you can do. Though it takes a few days, it will help. At least, in this case, the pipes will have a clear flow, and no leaks are detected.


• If the root lifts the concrete like an unstructured load with a slab or path, you can cut the source and make holes to insert "rotten stump" or similar product that will accelerate the decay that usually allows the slab or walkway to return close to its ideal position.


• If the root affects structural support, then you need to use professional contractors' services to form the proper removal and repair of the structure. Nothing is better than to let an expert do the job. Your property, including the water system, will be safe at once. They have tools that can access different types of plumbing needs.


• As for the physical "cutting," experts will need to clean the small particles of dirt around the pipes after using a tool required to cut the root. As a result, the pro will be the ones to suggest if the pipeline requires a replacement. It depends on how the plumber would do the work according to the situation of the water system. If it is a small root, one can use a digging in the bar to extract the source without digging too much.


The concrete is hard, but the tree roots will eventually exert an irresistible force to crack it. Ultimately, the tree wins. To avoid it from happening, do not plant trees next to concrete slabs or foundations.


Tree Root Invasion: When to Call a Plumber?

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Trees are very important. We all know this. We love planting trees in our lawn, not only for oxygen but for the shade it gives. Though we can benefit from having trees growing around, there are some drawbacks.


Trees can grow tall, so as the roots deep down. The roots can crawl in the underground of our lawn. This could lead to tree root invasion in our plumbing system. This led plumbers to develop a tree root invasion service for people whose problems are the roots of the trees.


If you have trees around you, look at the sign of root invasion. Here are the warning signs you may have root invasion problem underground:


Standing Water within Your Property


Did you notice stagnant water in your property? Is it raining lately? If there is no rain but standing water is present within your property, you may have root tree invasion happening in the ground.

Water Puddles inside the House


It is not natural to have puddles inside the house, especially when you do not have kids to mess around and pour water anywhere. The existence of puddles without you or anyone in the house creating it is a big sign of root tree invasion.


There are still more signs of tree root invasion but before we proceed, let me remind you this: It is certainly important to contact a pipe repair Sarasota, FL if you are living in this area. This is to avoid bigger damage to your water system and to your property.


Water Pressure Is Lower than Usual


If you experience a lower than average water pressure lately, there must be something wrong with your plumbing system. One factor that can cause this problem is tree root invasion. A plumber can conduct an inspection of your water system to check if a root is invading your pipelines.


Higher Bills than Usual


If your bill has spiked higher than the usual bill but your usage is still the same, you must have your water system checked. There could be leaks caused by root invasion.


Cracks in Your Homes Foundation


Earthquakes can cause our home's foundation to crack. If there has been no earthquake and you cannot remember any incident that caused your foundation to crack, the culprit must be tree roots. It cannot only invade the plumbing system but into your home's foundation as well.


If you experience any of the above-mentioned signs, call a professional plumber right away. It is better to have your pipes, sewers and drains checked to avoid bigger problems.