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What is Blow-In Insulation Service?

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Blow-In insulation service is the process of filling or covering attic floors with loose materials that have good insulating R-value. This is done by using mostly fiberglass or other insulating materials for loos insulation. A machine is used to apply blow-in insulation. The machine uses compressed air to protrude or project the insulating material into space where it is installed.


This type of service is needed to evenly distribute the insulation of the entire attic. This also fills in spaces and cracks. Because this process uses a machine, it takes lesser time to install than hand-placing insulation. This is also a less disruptive process when it comes to the household and daily routine. Even with this type of process at hand, the residents can still do their daily routine.


Blow-In Insulation for Attics


This type of service can easily be done even with only 2 workers. One worker operates the end of the machine or hose that sprays the insulation materials into the floor of the attic. The other worker stuffs the machine with the insulating material and operates it to keep the air functional. It is much easier to install because of the machine that comes in handy.


However, only professionals can do the job. The mixture of air and the materials must be exact to obtain the desired thickness and the insulation level. plumber in Sarasota, FL provides high-quality attic insulation services as one of their specialties in AC and plumbing.


Blow-In Insulation for Walls


Blow-in insulation is the option for close up walls where you want to be insulated. This process prevents the idea of ripping off the exterior siding of the wall. This method improves the insulation value of the walls without having to rip the entire exterior or the interior drywall. Holes are drilled, about 2 in each wall cavity. This is mostly done in the exterior part of the walls. With this process, wall cavities are accessed and stuffed with an insulating material like fiberglass.


Note: Though blow-in insulation is perfect for attics, it may not offer the same to the walls. There are obstructions in the walls, like the electrical conduit and other plaster keys. This prevents the insulation to fill in the cavities.


There are good technicians who can do the job for your wall. However, over time blow-in insulation will settle and this reduces the insulation value. Make sure to hire a reliable installer of blow-in that is honest to tell you the advantages and drawbacks.